Hard Drive Destruction

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Hard Drive Destruction

Hard Drive Destruction

Hard Drive Destruction

Electronic Media Destruction

Assured Document Destruction has specialized expertise in hard drive destruction, computer disposal and electronic media destruction. We are certified for on-site mobile shredding of hard drives. During shredding, all electronic media and hard-drives are rendered legally indecipherable. The physical destruction ensures that the confidential information cannot be accessed again. Having drives, back-up tapes, floppies, optical disks and any electronic storage media shred can become part of your overall destruction program, either by regular scheduled service or one-time projects is easy as 1,2,3.

For more Ship and Shred information go to ShredHardDrive.com.

A single hard drive can contain a warehouse full of confidential information. When these drives reach the end of their lifecycle it is important to make sure that the confidential information on the drives is protected. Formatting/degaussing hard drives, tapes, and other magnetic media is not enough. This is practiced by most companies before they are ready to dispose of electronic media. This practice is not secure as it is prone to human/software error and anyone with basic computer skills can recover deleted data. Any information left on a hard drive could be catastrophic for your company. That small piece of information could be a password or a customer’s social security number.

We accept hard drives at our office for drop off destruction. Drives will be bar code scanned, rendered unusable by crushing, then placed in a secure locked container until they are shred. The shredded material will then be sent for scrap metal recycling.

Meets all required Regulatory Compliance.

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