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Server Recycling

Server Recycling

Data Center & Home Server Recycling

Assured Document Destruction offers comprehensive server recycling services that guarantee the complete destruction of all data on the device. We understand the importance of protecting your clients’ information and take every precaution to ensure that it is destroyed securely.
We have years of experience in the recycling industry and use state-of-the-art equipment to completely break down servers into their component parts. This allows us to recycle all of the materials safely and securely. We also work with certified downstream recyclers who handle the disposal of all materials in an eco-friendly way.

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Server Recycling for Las Vegas Businesses

Do you want to safely and quickly recycle old servers?

Secure disposal options are essential for businesses that handle a lot of confidential data. When it comes to choosing a secure server disposal option, Assured Document Destruction’s Server Recycling service is a great choice.

What are the risks associated with not using a secure disposal option?
Data breaches can occur if confidential information is disposed of in an insecure manner
Businesses can be fined for not properly disposing of confidential information
If confidential information is leaked, it can significantly damage the reputation of a business

What are the benefits of using a secure disposal option?

  • Confidential information will be disposed of in a secure manner
  • Businesses will be protected from data breaches and fines
  • The reputation of a business will be protected if confidential information is leaked

Las Vegas is a city that is constantly on the go. Whether people are in town for business or pleasure, they want access to the city’s best services and conveniences. That’s why Assured Document Destruction’s Server Recycling drop-off destruction service is so popular among its customers in Las Vegas. It’s a convenient way to get rid of an old server, and it’s a service that is available seven days a week.

But what happens when sensitive data is recovered from an old server? That’s a question that many businesses in Las Vegas are asking themselves right now. And unfortunately, the answer isn’t always clear. That’s why it’s important to work with a company like Assured Document Destruction, whose experts can help you safely dispose of your old servers and keep your confidential information out of the wrong hands.

Meets all required Regulatory Compliance.

What We Can Recycle for You

Since the introduction of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in 2002, there has been an increased focus on data security and protection. Assured Document Destruction’s server recycling services help businesses protect their confidential data by destroying all components containing client information. We work with a variety of brands of servers, and all components are guaranteed to be destroyed to prevent data theft. Our reliable and efficient service helps businesses comply with government regulations while protecting confidential data.

  • HPE
  • Lenovo
  • Dell
  • IBM
  • Inspur
  • ODM Direct
  • Huawei
  • Cisco
  • Oracle

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