The Benefits of Keeping Your Documents Secure with Assured Document Destruction

Businesses and individuals face many dangers when it comes to their documents. If these documents fall into the wrong hands, it could mean serious trouble. Protecting against your documents being misused should be a top priority, and the best way to do so is by choosing a professional document destruction company. This is where Assured […]

When Should I Schedule My Secure Shredding Service?

When you’re running a business, there are a lot of things to keep track of – from your inventory to your finances. But one thing you might not think about is what to do with all your old documents. If you’re holding onto paper files, you might want to consider setting up a scheduled shredding […]

The 5 Benefits of Document Digitization For Your Las Vegas Business

1. Increased Security: Increased security is the first advantage of document digitization for your business. A recent study has found out that more than 50% of office administrators spend more time searching for files than on work. When you use a reputable document scanning company like Assured Document Destruction, your documents will be stored in […]

Why Your Las Vegas Business Needs Professional Shredding

If you own a business in Las Vegas, data security should be one of your top priorities. In recent years, there have been stricter regulations surrounding data disposal, as well as an increased sensitivity from the public to data breaches. To ensure you’re compliant and protect your customers’ information, it’s best to work with a […]

Choosing Between On-Site and Off-Site Shredding

Keeping useful documents on paper and in data storage devices is a challenge for every business, regardless of size or nature. What happens when these sensitive documents reach the end of their useful life? Directly tossing them in the trash or recycling can be a very risky implementation and routine. Given the number of criminals […]

The Main Benefits Of Document Shredding

Despite living in the Internet age, many individuals and businesses still require sensitive information to be stored on paper. Confidential material accumulates over time, ranging from tax returns to bank statements, credit card details to sales receipts. When these papers are no longer required, they must be safely disposed of. Even if your files have […]